Let MMC be your guide in India

Accomodation can be arrangedWith MMC you always have the option of arranging your own travel, should you wish. However, to provide you with the very best value for money and the greatest peace of mind, MMC will liaise between your specialist doctors, our travel partners and you to put together a comprehensive program.

Our special travel program is individual to you and works within your budget. It provides an overview of what you can expect when you are in India. It also encompasses all your requested travel, accommodation and tour needs while you are in India.

Most importantly, it covers all of your treatment requirements and makes sure that your travel to India is in time for any proposed surgery and that your return date allows for adequate recuperation time.

By letting MMC coordinate your travel you will know exactly what to expect throughout your treatment and while you are in India.

Your individual program will encompass your travel, your tours and your accommodation all geared to work with your specified budget and your treatment schedule.

And as part of this program, we also develop a full itinerary for you, detailing a day by day view of your treatment commitments as well as your travel and tour schedules.

  • New Delhi
  • Mumbai
  • Bangalore

Delhi is the capital of India. In the last six decades since New Delhi was created, the city has undergone many changes.

Although New Delhi was originally created as a separate entity to ‘Old’ Delhi, the two have merged into a modern city with North, South, East and West Delhi becoming more prevalent terms of demarcation.

Delhi’s wealth opportunities also have grown, resulting in a more populous, culturally diverse demographic which gives Delhi its distinctly colorful look and cosmopolitan feel.

Additionally, the presence of diplomatic and trade missions, a growing number of multi-national companies and foreign investors, as well as an influx of visiting professionals and tourists have all contributed to Delhi’s growth as a financial, leisure and retail capital.

Although India’s cities are modern, thriving metropolises, it is well to remember that in India, the people largely remain true to their cultural and religious values. Feel free to ask Dr Hemani about the culture of the city you are intending to visit. She can give you some little tips that will help you settle in and put together a medical tourism package that you can afford.

Mumbai, earlier known as Bombay, is the capital of the state of Maharashtra.

A city that never sleeps, Mumbai is cosmopolitan with a unique array of spicy food, theatre, music venues, discotheques and gourmet restaurants. It has dazzling shopping arcades, exciting sport activities and fantastic sightseeing. It is also home to one of the biggest entertainment industies in the world, popularly known as Bollywood.

Mumbai is also India’s financial capital housing all the major businesses. And with its natural harbour, it is a busy shipping and trading centre.

Although Mumbai may seem advanced on the outside, its people are still very religious and celebrate all the major Indian festivals.

Bangalore is in Karnataka and is the seventh largest city of India.

Known as the Garden City because of its many beautiful parks, some call it the silicon valley of India because of the high concentration of global IT firms.

Having ancient heritage, the ‘modern’ city was founded way back in the 16th century and ever since it has been an important administrative and business centre.

Bangalore is also very much educationally inclined with some of the most prominent and internationally well known institutes like the Indian Institute of Management (IIM-Bangalore) and the India Institute of Information Science (IISc Bangalore).

And for a great night out, the city offers a vibrant night life with discos, restaurants and hotels.

Take the opportunity to see more of India.

So that you can see more of magnificent India, should you wish, MMC can you help with extra tour arrangements.

Through our alliances with the travel partners in India and Australia, we can provide access to tools and contacts for you to schedule and book your travel, tour packages and accommodation while in India.

As part of your stay in India you may wish to visit India’s cities. Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi are three such cities well known for their attraction to tourists from all over the world.